carnatic bansuri ( 8th holes flutes )

About Carnatic Bansuri :- The venu[1] (Sanskrit: वेणु; veṇu) is one of the ancient transverse flutes of Indian classical music.[2] It is an aerophone typically made from bamboo, that is a side blown wind instrument. It continues to be in use in the South Indian Carnatic music tradition.[3] In Northern Indian music, a similar flute is called bansuri.[4] In the South, it is also called by various other names such as pullankudal (புல்லாங்குழல்) in Tamil (Tamil Nadu) , oodakuzhal (ഓടകുഴൽ) or kurungu kuzhal (കുറുന് കുഴൽ) in Malayalam (Kerala) and ಕೊಳಲು (koḷalu) in Kannada (Karnataka) . It is known as pillana grōvi (పిల్లన గ్రోవి) or Vēṇuvu (వేణువు) in Telugu (Andhra Pradesh). It is also called as Carnatic Flute.

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