Clearance Sale ( This Offer Available Only For Indian Customers )

We are happy to announce that we will be giving our customers huge discounts in this Clearance Sale. We are giving up to 50% discount on select flutes. Please visit the shop to see how much discount you are getting on your new flute. Offer valid for limited stock.
All the products listed on this page might not be the best looking, but are completely in tune just like our every other flute Bansuri. The bamboo used to make these flutes comes from forests where they are exposed to more sunlight, rain and friction by rubbing against each other and because these are old and mature bamboo, they have natural marks, patterns and some scratches on them with a chance of little variation in shape as well. However the flutes sound equally good if not better than the flutes made from newer bamboo. One more point to be noted is that because this bamboo had more time in the forest to mature, it’s physical strength is more than the newer bamboo.

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