Sarfuddin Flutes F sharp Shruti 4.5 carnatic South Indian professional quality bamboo flute Bansuri Size 14 With Carry Bag


  • F sharp carnatic/South Indian flute is a professional quality bamboo flute.
  • When the upper two holes are covered by finger its the F sharp scale.
  • Some alternate names for the scale F sharp is Shruti 4.5 flute
  • Tonal Information-
    SA : F#
    PA : C#
    Lowest Note : C
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Sarfuddin Flutes F Sharp Shruti 4.5 Carnatic South Indian Professional Quality Bamboo Flute Bansuri Size 14 with Carry Bag

Introducing the Sarfuddin Flutes F Sharp Shruti 4.5, a top-of-the-line bamboo flute designed for professional musicians and enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and care, this Carnatic South Indian flute delivers exceptional sound quality and performance.

With a length of 14 inches, this Bansuri flute is perfectly tuned to the F Sharp Shruti, making it ideal for playing traditional Carnatic music. The Shruti 4.5 designation ensures that the flute produces accurate and resonant notes, allowing you to create beautiful melodies with ease.

Handcrafted from high-quality bamboo, this flute offers excellent tonal clarity and projection. The natural material enhances the warm and rich sound, giving your music an authentic and soulful touch. Each flute is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring consistent quality and attention to detail.

Designed for professional use, this flute is suitable for both solo performances and ensemble playing. Its responsive and versatile nature allows you to explore a wide range of musical expressions, from intricate melodies to soul-stirring improvisations.

The Sarfuddin Flutes F Sharp Shruti 4.5 comes with a convenient carry bag, making it easy to transport and protect your instrument. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a passionate learner, this flute is a valuable addition to your musical journey.

Invest in the Sarfuddin Flutes F Sharp Shruti 4.5 and experience the beauty and craftsmanship of a truly exceptional bamboo flute. Unlock your musical potential and create captivating melodies with this Carnatic South Indian professional quality instrument.

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