>>About Sarfuddin Flutes

If you are looking for a good flute then this place would be good for you. Sarfuddin Flutes Make Only Professional quality Indian Bamboo Flutes/Bansuri. Sarfuddin Flutes takes care of every detail of the flutes. Sarfuddin flutes takes special care of the quality of bamboo while making flutes. Safuddin Flutes uses best quality bamboo in making flutes, which is at least 5 years ripe bamboo. Being ripe bamboo has no effect of weather on the flutes. You can use Sarfuddin flutes for studio recording, artistic music, folk music and Indian Classical Raag. Sarfuddin Flutes make only 100% 440hz well tuned Bansuri . Sarfuddin flutes wants every poor artist to get a professional indian bamboo flutes. Today, Sarfuddin’s flute is being liked all over the world. More flute players from India boast on Sarfuddin Flutes.

Some of the top ranking professionals who play our flutes bansuri in their concerts include maestros like –    

  1. Pt.Hariparsad Chaurasia
  2. Pt. Rajendra Prasanna
  3. Rakesh Chaurasia Ji